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This is the first page I made in English. In my German pages I give a construction plan to build a radio clock receiver for your own PC. But this works only in Germany and half of Europe. At this pages I collect informations about RadioClocks all over the world, at this point of time. I will translate all German pages in English, but I need time and please don't be so critical with my English. You can correct me, I will be grateful.

Radiotower Audio-File from the german DCF-77 Transmitter
Radiotower Technical Description of AtomicClocks from the German Association for the time (PTB)
Radiotower Range of the German RadioClock-transmitter
Radiotower RadioClocks all over the world
Radiotower Timecodes (Leap Second, Daylight Saving Time)

The Institut for the official time in Germany is the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

The Institut that declare the leap seconds International Earth Rotation Service (IERS).

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