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Audio-File from the German DCF-77 Transmitter

On this page, you can hear an actual recording from the German DCF-77 time signal. The file plays from the :55 second mark of one minute to :04 seconds into the next minute. You can hear the transition to the new minute as there is no break for two seconds around :59. You can also see and hear the highs and lows forming the DCF-77 code.

Signal as WAV-File

How I got this signal: I have an old radio clock with an external antenna the size of a cookie tin. There is a headphone output on the tin. I recorded the signal from this output so you could hear what it sounds like.

Here is a whole minute from October, 1st 1999 from 17:27:55 to 17:29:05 CEST:

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Last Update: 05.10.1999